Canada loses to France and China in Rugby World Cup Sevens

South Africa’s Capital City, Cape Town — The Canadian men’s team started off their competition at the Rugby World Cup Sevens with a 31-7 victory against Zimbabwe on Friday. However, following a 19-12 loss to France in the round of 16, Canada was eliminated from the championship side of the draw.

At Cape Town Stadium, the fifth-seeded Canadian ladies were victorious over China by a score of 24-5 to advance in the competition. In the quarterfinals of the Championship that will take place on Saturday, they will compete against the Americans who are seeded fourth.

A “winner takes all” structure is used for both the men’s competition, which features a field of 24 teams and the women’s competition, which features 16 teams. This means that if you suffer even one loss, you are eliminated from the running for the championship.

The men’s team from Canada, who are seeded tenth in this tournament, have not yet won a match against France, which is ranked seventh. In the quarterfinals of the consolation Challenge on Saturday, they will face either the No. 2 team from Australia or the No. 18 team from Uruguay.

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